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Kim Schutt

Body Systems Certified Nutrition Coach

Kim is a dedicated educator in the field of Sports and Fitness. As a past collegiate volleyball athlete at Cal Poly, Kim has always had the mindset to work hard to accomplish her goals. Kim graduated with an Elementary Education Degree in 2003 and has focused her teaching in Physical Education.

Kim is a wife and mother of 3 children, ages 14, 11 and 3, who has prioritized her health and lifestyle so she can leave her legacy. Kim’s health journey truly began once she had her oldest son, Brody. He had severe food allergies, and like any new mama, Kim wanted to do what was best for his health. So, through many doctors’ appointments, researching and non-stop healing methodologies, Kim has helped her son overcome some challenging health issues. She has also found her passion for nutrition and fitness, leading her to earn her personal training and nutrition certifications.

A few words from Kim…

I think the most altering change for me was Brody and his food allergies. We went from allergist to gastrointestinal doctors to hearing the pediatrician tell me I was crazy and there was nothing wrong with him. At one point he was pooping blood and vomiting every time he would eat Which really drove me to try to figure out what was going on with him. Luckily we ended being referred to an amazing pediatric allergist in Vegas where he diagnosed him with severe food allergies from there we really took the opportunity to learn as much as we could about food and saw the reactions he was having when he ingested things that he was allergic to.

Throughout this process of discovering his food allergies I discovered how good I felt eating more whole foods that were nutritious for my body. I thought running to the bathroom after I ate was perfectly normal until I started nursing Brody. Fast forward 2 years I got pregnant with Kori and my anxiety was an all-time high because I was terrified to have another child with food allergies. I watched every piece of food that went in my mouth and made sure I didn’t need any of the things that we knew Brody was allergic to for fear that she would be the same. Thankfully she did not have any food allergies but I was definitely obsessed with the food quality and the type of food that I ingested.

Lastly, getting pregnant with DAX at 36 years old was ultimately life-changing at that point I was still eating extremely healthy yet still diagnosed with gestational diabetes. I had to test my blood sugar four times a day record everything that I ate and submit it to the doctor weekly. I was diagnosed with a high-risk pregnancy and he had to be monitored twice a week to make sure everything was OK with him because of the gestational diabetes. Thankfully I never had any high numbers and he was perfectly fine but it led me to being interested in hormones.

Fun Facts about Kim Schutt


She is a gardening freak.


She is a DIY’r to the max.


She is happiest when transforming a space and making it beautiful, hence why she loves being a coach helping people become better versions of themselves.

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