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Success Stories From Body Systems Coaching Clients

Adam, Body Systems coaching testimonial

Adam C.

Lost 38 lbs. of fat in 26 weeks and drastically increased his energy!

Where were you before working with Body Systems?

“I am a middle-aged physician. I’m an anesthesiologist in Oklahoma city. I was tired, overweight, was not eating. Didn’t really have a good place to start. So that’s why I reached out to you is I needed guidance and, you know, direction.”

Where are you now after the coaching program?

“I’ve lost a lot of weight. I’m in much better shape. I can wear clothes that I haven’t been able to wear in years. I get compliments every day, sleep better, have more energy, you know, feel like I felt probably 20 years ago as far as energy and just physical activity.”

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Why was the program so effective?

“I would say probably first off learning how to get back into training and working out. And the importance of moving was huge. Realizing that, I don’t sleep enough and how helpful that was when I started making adjustments and how your energy level kind of magically changes after a couple of weeks of doing all that.

And how your energy level kind of magically changes after a couple of weeks of doing all that. I found myself not drinking three energy drinks a day anymore. I mean, I still might have one on occasion, but nothing like before that was literally what I was using to keep me going Caffeine man.”

Casey, Body Systems coaching testimonial

Casey S.

Lost 28 lbs. of fat in 29 weeks!

“How do you define your comfort zone? The dictionary says it’s the place where “you feel comfortable and your abilities are not being tested.” In a second definition, the comfort zone is the place where “you don’t have to do anything new or different.”

There is freedom that comes from trying something new and breaking out of boxes and restrictions — sometimes self-imposed. I was used to pushing myself and “leaning in to the discomfort” (as Ben says) in other areas of my life and it was time for me to start doing that with my health.”

Where were you before working with Body Systems?

“I’m not sure if we found ourselves in a similar situation to most, but the first 60 days of “lock down” seemed to be an excuse to support local restaurants with lots of “to go” food and drink orders …

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We had too many front yard Happy Hours to count. We started getting out of town to the mountains every chance we could. Before I knew it, I had packed on the COVID 10-15 lbs. By the time June rolled around, I was up to 210 lbs. and knew I needed to make a change.

There were periods of time in my life when I was in the mid to low 190’s, but I never felt good and didn’t look fit. I had always viewed the process of weight loss as restricting calories and trying to get some extra cardio in. I had no idea what it truly tooked like from a dietary or training perspective. I had never lifted weights with consistency.”

What value did I bring?

“My first call with Ben was a bit of a shock. I had to commit to tracking everything I put in my body, which seemed like an impossible task. I also had to commit to consistent training. Ben did a fantastic job of easing me into things. We established a baseline of what I was eating and started making adjustments from there. I kicked off my training and tracking while I was on vacation for two weeks in San Diego.

My understanding of the “process” greatly improved as we starting increasing protein, strength training, and reducing calories for a period of time.

Ben brought knowledge, patience, accountability, and reassurance that I was moving in the right direction.”

Where are you now as a result?

“Depending on the day, I have lost 25-30 lbs. of fat while gaining significant muscle. I LOVE going to the gym now. I spend 35-45 minutes strength training 4 days a week and it never feels like it’s “too much”. I have complete flexibility to eat what I want, when I want, as long as I stay between the agreed upon guard rails we have in place each week.

This was meant to be a six month commitment. Through the process I would learn new habits and develop the skills I needed to keep the weight off. This has become much more than that for me. I’ve committed to another full 12-months of working with Ben because I think we have just started to scratch the surface of what I’m capable of.

It’s truly empowering to know that you are becoming a better version of yourself each day. For that gift, I will forever be thankful.”

Greg, Body Systems coaching success story

Greg P.

Lost 46+ lbs. of fat in 37 weeks!

Over the past 37 weeks Greg has displayed continued effort and consistency with his nutrition, losing more than 46 pounds of body fat in the process. That’s close to 25% of his bodyweight. Amazing and inspiring on all accounts, especially considering we increased his calorie intake by more than 500 calories per day during that time.

  • He started running again, which he absolutely loves.
  • He religiously strength trained and equipped his garage gym, starting with adjustable DB’s to adding a full squat rack.
  • He learned as much as he could, asking questions weekly that would help him justify and embrace the process.
  • He ate more & exercised smarter while learning how to listen to his body (& coach) telling him to do less, sleep more, stress less, increase calories, and “enjoy more”.
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But, what you don’t see behind these pictures is the unwavering focus and determination Greg has displayed throughout the process. The sacrifices made daily and internal battle being fought, especially now, as he hovers at his “goal weight”.

Most people talk about the journey from start to end. The total weight lost, as if that’s the whole story, but it’s not. It’s only the beginning. In fact, I’d argue that for most people, the weight loss is the easy part … maintaining it is where shit gets really real.

But, not the way we do things, and not for Greg … because he’s developed the tools and skills to continue to navigate his weight loss journey:

  • To function in the “real world” without hiding behind his food scale and avoiding social situations.
  • To acknowledge that their aren’t “good” or “bad” foods, and that he has the freedom to choose what he wants when he wants as part of his nutritional structure.
  • To focus on what he can control when things get tough, injuries happen, and frustration and/or stagnation sets in.

To Greg, this continued effort and consistency has transformed him and the lifestyle he lives. He is a different person than he was close to 50 lbs. ago; the choices he makes, his goals, his vision for the future and his daily unrelenting action is what has and will continue to yield lifelong progress.

James, Body Systems coaching success story

James R.

Gained solid muscle mass and definition while losing fat!

“I am in my 50’s and have struggled with weight management since my early twenties. I tried things like Weight Watchers and did all kinds of different diets which helped me lose weight fast, but I’ve never been able to kind of keep it that way …

My history has been, I eat some carbs, and I could tell the next day, like I swell up and I just wasn’t processing them correctly.

That’s not an issue for me anymore. You know, I’m eating the right balance of foods. And when I look at food and what I want to eat, I’m thinking through the nutritional value and what is going to do to fuel me as opposed to what’s it going to do to kind of make me feel better in the moment.

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I’ve gained a lot of solid muscle mass. I can feel the definition, I can feel myself getting smaller, my measurements are getting smaller and smaller.

I’ve been able to incorporate an appropriate eating plan. I just know what to eat. And I know how to plan out what I’m going to eat. So my whole approach to food is different, but I don’t feel like I’m going to backslide into some bad habits because I’ve been able to incorporate the habits that I’ve created. It doesn’t ever make me feel like I’m being deprived of anything either.

The other thing too is for the first time in my life, I feel like the exercise is incorporated into my routine. And I’ve always heard over and over that it has to be part of your routine, it’s gotta be part of your routine, but I’ve never been able to make it part of my routine.

It’s about your mental state. It’s about how you handle stress. It’s about how you interact with your coworkers and your family. That’s what all this program will help you do. It’s not just about weight loss. And I think for me, that’s probably the most impactful part of the whole thing. It’s awesome. Don’t waste your time. What do you have to lose?”

Jim, Body Systems coaching success story

Jim M.

Gained muscle and maintained it!

“I fully understand how to improve myself for a lifetime, not just for a Summertime or a Wintertime. Ben’s commitment to me as an individual still blows me away to this day. His customer service is second to none. That’s because he wholeheartedly cares deeply for his clients and their well-being.”

Sarah, Body Systems coaching testimonial


Lost 14 lbs. of fat in 26 weeks and gained muscle definition!

“After having 4 kids, I was at my heaviest (outside of pregnancy) and uncomfortable in my skin. I wasn’t overweight, according to BMI calculating standards, but I had fat in places that made it hard to feel comfortable in clothes. I started to dislike seeing pictures of myself. In my head, I was the leaner/fitter me from years ago, but pictures were evidence to the contrary.

I was also very frustrated. I worked out most days of the week and ate healthy, homemade meals, but nothing was changing! Short of starving myself, I really didn’t know what to do to get rid of the excess weight I was holding on to. And, I love food, so starving myself was out of the question.”

Why did you choose to join our program specifically over any other program?

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“After working my tail off at the gym for a long time and not seeing the results I wanted, I realized I needed some help. I scheduled a call with Ben to see what this whole program was about. I was skeptical. And rebellious. I’m pretty sure I started the whole conversation with, “I’m not giving up alcohol, or carbs.”

I was sick and tired of my friends saying they couldn’t go out because they were on this diet, or not drinking because of that diet, or not eating carbs … I was not about to be that party pooper person I despised. I also was NOT going to cook a different dinner for myself than what I would cook for my family. Generally speaking, I WAS NOT going to do something that was extremely restricting or unsustainable.

I told him that success, to me, would be getting to a place where I was comfortable in my skin, and still being in that same comfortable skin 5 years from now. What surprised me was that Ben was completely on board with my demands! He had a plan, he had knowledge and expertise, and he had the long term in mind. This was not going to be a cookie cutter plan that I just followed like a soldier to get quick results. This was going to be as much an educational process as a physical one. Ben was going to teach me to own the process and the knowledge gained would be mine to keep and use long after my time with him was over. I was sold.”

Was there anything in particular about our program that really helped you? Why was it so effective?

“I appreciated that the program set some parameters for me but didn’t put restrictions on me. I never felt like I was white knuckling it, or suffering. Every week that I saw progress just encouraged me more and helped me to put more faith in the process. I was grateful for the consistent communication with Ben. Every week, we talked through the previous week’s accomplishments and looked to planning for the next week. If special trips or holidays were approaching, we planned for success. I was never without help, encouragement, guidance or advice.”

As a result of implementing the program, what was the outcome? Results?

“I can see my back muscles again! My stomach doesn’t flop out of my jeans when I sit down! I can fit into EVERY SINGLE PAIR OF JEANS I have been saving for 12+ years (don’t judge) and now realize they are so out of date I should have donated them long ago … I am once again comfortable in my own skin. I am more than comfortable; I feel great in my skin!

Setting a goal and achieving it is so empowering! That success has translated to a lot more confidence overall. I’ve set some performance goals for running and strength and just feel excited about achieving them–I know that I can and will.”

Michelle, Body Systems coaching testimonial


Transformed her body and health!

“Do you know what the craziest part of this whole experience has been so far? At no point over the past 5 months has my nutrition and training coach told me what to eat (or what NOT to eat) …

  • No “chicken and broccoli only”
  • No “cut out the carbs”
  • No “don’t drink alcohol”
  • No “eat 6 small meals per day”
  • And most importantly …
  • NO crazy restriction!!
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The biggest fear I had when getting started, and frankly, why I didn’t start sooner, was because I was sure he was going to tell me all of things I couldn’t have … and for me, I knew that wouldn’t be realistic.

Real talk: I like my late night treats, my weekend Dairy Queen, and I’m never as prepared as I could be (or should be 🤷🏻‍♀️)

Life is chaotic and between competitions, training, travel, and the kiddos, I don’t see things changing anytime soon. My coach at Body Systems gets that, because he’s a busy parent as well, which is why I think his guidelines and weekly nutrition adjustments have been so easy to implement (and because he’s been doing this for over 15 years 😳).

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been working my ass off and you’d be nuts to think that I can eat whatever I want. There are times when I’m hungry and times when I don’t want to train, times when the plan goes to hell and times when I just want to say F-it … but you’ll never get anywhere in life if you don’t lean into the discomfort.

But I’m all-in and committed to the process, to improving my physique, my health, my performance, and leading by example for my family.

And yah, I screw up … a lot. Too many sweets, too much alcohol, not paying attention or just giving into temptation, but that’s the beauty of the plan. I’ve got the structure in place, the flexibility and freedom to own my mistakes, and the guidance to know exactly how to get back on track.

I’m damn proud of the progress I’ve made and seriously amazed at how much I’ve changed my eating habits despite having no “meal plan”. Just great coaching, guidance, and accountability that fits with my goals and crazy life. And I think the results speak for themselves …

If you’ve been thinking about making a serious lifestyle change and you’re sick of the bullshit restrictive diets and unrealistic meal plans, and you’re ready to put in the work and transform your body and health, then you should hit up Body Systems.

One of the best decisions I’ve made for myself and my family!”

Bridget, Body Systems coaching testimonial


Lost 42 lbs. in 30 weeks!

“A few months before I started the Body Systems Program, I experienced a pregnancy miscarriage. I felt like a complete wreck and failure. I was very disappointed in myself. I’m young(ish) and my body wasn’t doing what it’s supposed to do? Well, I learned that 1 in 4 women will experience a miscarriage from reasons that are completely unknown … it happens. During the pandemic, it was my wake-up call to improve my health.

Three months later, I discovered Ben and his program. And I’m so grateful that I did! Everything has improved: mindset, cardiovascular, nutrition, and strength. I’ve experienced the program through the holiday season and continued to get results – which impressed me the most. I travel every weekend, I love family time, and that will never change. Everything Ben has set up for me is realistic with that lifestyle – that is the key to my success.

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I no longer feel like a complete wreck and failure. Life will always throw curveballs, I’ve learned to suck it up, focus on what I can control, and work hard at it. I feel fantastic!! Thank you, Ben!”

Update: After 17 months of coaching, Bridget has completely transformed her lifestyle. She has improved her mindset, body composition, nutrition, and strength. Bridget is down 50 lbs. of body fat, continues to get stronger, and sets a great example for her family.

Jasmine, Body Systems coaching testimonial


Lost 42 lbs. in 50 weeks!

“One year! It’s my one year anniversary with Body Systems. In February 2020 I was 2 years post-stroke, and only 3 months postpartum. You guys, I was a wreck.

Our wedding was 3 months away and I wanted Ben to basically starve me and make me do miserable cardio until I lost every ounce of fat I had. 90-day fad diets work, don’t they? Ben couldn’t bring me down to planet earth fast enough. Seriously, thank you for that!

Medically, there is a lot out of my control. As a business owner, time is money. The house doesn’t run itself. Your marriage needs to be nurtured. Oh, kids? Our blended family has 8. Yeah, that’s not a typo. Noah was 3 months old. In the thick of newborn life. THEN COVID. Enough said. ALL that aside, we decided to take a step back and show up for ourselves.

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Let’s see what happens if we stop claiming to be too busy when really we were just deciding to not prioritize our health.

Ben never told me “you can’t have …”, “you have to drink this”, “just fast and shorten your eating window”. NO. We don’t do unrealistic expectations here. Only science based, realistic, sustainable goals that fit OUR REAL LIFE. Workouts specific to the equipment we had to work with.

I’m down 40+lbs., 25 cm down on my waist and in the best mental space I’ve ever been in. I’m strong. I put the oxygen mask on myself first for a change. It’s ok to take care of you. I promise you, it’s not selfish. Self care is more than a manicure. Love yourself from the inside out. Trust the process and most importantly, DO THE WORK. Do it, “Daley”.”

Maria, Body Systems Coaching testimonial


Lost 17 lbs. in 16 weeks!

“I’m 4 months into my 6 month fitness and nutrition program with Coach Ben at Body Systems but to commemorate my 40th birthday tomorrow, I wanted to share I’m:

⬇️ 17 lbs.
⬇️ 3 in. off my hips
⬇️ 3.75 inches in circumference around chest/back
⬇️ 4 inches below my belly button, and
⬇️ 6 inches off my waist!!! 🎉

Progress is hard to see. I’ve always lived an active lifestyle but since having Mia, the scale was just stuck at 150 lbs. (my heaviest was 156).

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And, no matter how much I did (I ran/did yoga/worked out at the gym) and no matter what diet I tried (vegan, vegetarian, keto), nothing worked. Last September, when it hit me that I was turning 40, I decided to get *real* help.

Coach Ben taught me so much and I just threw out everything I thought I knew about nutrition and trusted the process. It wasn’t a ‘get fit quick program,’ but more like a ‘do things the smart and right way and make gradual improvements to ensure long term success’ kind of deal. We needed tangible, measureable, and visible evidence of our efforts and progress, so Chris and I started this program, measured everything we put in our mouth, got to work, and took progress pictures along the way.

Coach Ben gave us workouts to do, and macros to stay within, so I could have that boba or slice of pizza if I wanted; I’d just adjust what I ate the rest of the day to make it fit. Coach Ben was so motivational and easy to work with. I had goals of getting fit by 40, but he’s instilled habits in me that will serve me (and my family) for years to come. I was hesitant to post progress pictures but I’m proud of how far I’ve come and I think the 50 year old me would look back and say Dayum!🔥🥳🥰🙌

🙌 Thank you for helping me reach my goals Coach! You’re the best!! I feel great and am in the best shape of my life at 40.” 🥳

Ian, Body Systems coaching testimonial


Lost 42 lbs. in 50 weeks!

One of the first questions I ask when a prospective client is interested in coaching is – “How committed to your success are you?”

Ian said, “Whatever it takes. I give zero shits. Or all the shits, depending on how you look at it. I have zero problems maintaining a certain lifestyle. I thrive on discipline and constantly like to challenge myself. I will NEVER go back to what I was. I am keenly aware of the time we are allotted here which is unknown given my profession (police officer) and my life experiences. I want to make the most out of every day and I want to be the best version of myself that I can cultivate. I do, however, need help …”

When Ian started the Smart Nutrition Coaching Program, he was frustrated with his body fat, confused about why he wasn’t getting results, and reticent to step outside of his nutrition comfort zone …

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Even though he knew that the ways he’d lost weight in the past (“TONS of cardio coupled with an extremely low fat, low calorie diet”) wasn’t right for him, and clearly what he was currently doing wasn’t working (high fat, extremely low carb), he was still scared of leaping into the unknown for fear of retreating into his previous overweight self.

For a guy like Ian, as counterintuitive as it may seem, we actually had to get him to chill out … to actually do less.

He was training too hard, not sleeping enough, under recovered, and grossly restricting carbs (his main fuel source).

What had (kind of) worked for him before clearly wasn’t working anymore.

Over the course of 6 months, we helped Ian understand the role stress plays in the fat loss process and why often times simply training and eating smarter, not harder or less, is the recipe for effective fat loss, increased energy, and improved health.

Proud of this dude and the work he put in to create long-term, realistic change that he’ll continue to be able to refine on his own moving forward.

Savannah, Body Systems coaching testimonial


Lost 42 lbs. in 50 weeks!

“My problem was not sticking to my goals and I would cut things out. I’d say, okay, I’m not eating any junk food, no ice cream, no carbs, and I jumped right into just chicken and veggies. I’d work out really hard, and that’s it. I was depriving myself. And I just wasn’t living. I was trying to reach a goal and it was short lived every time. I didn’t want to feel like I was trying to do it all and be a mom.

Your approach to things helped me realize that I put so much stress on myself that I didn’t need to. Once I started plugging in some macros that you were giving me I started to see those results.

I started to see that by implementing your program and me eating right and doing the workouts, I was losing consistent weight. I was toning up.

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It’s not like I just wanted to lose a bunch of body fat. I wanted to really tone up and feel really good. And I couldn’t believe how many times I was saying, “I just feel so good.”

I always say that your program actually helped me get pregnant just because I got healthy and I felt great. And I just got myself to this place where we could get pregnant. Starting your program, it gave me the tools to be able to have an even healthier pregnancy and then help me even further when the baby’s born.”

Meeting you and talking to you, it immediately put me at ease. It sounded like you understood exactly what I was going through and you were just there to help me. And I totally believe that 100% and everything was just comfortable and so helpful with your program. So I would say, make that call.”

Gabe, Body Systems coaching testimonial


Lost 42 lbs. in 50 weeks!

Gabe joined the Marines at 18 years old and was 120 lbs. soaking wet.

Four years later, he was a muscular 160 lbs. with the fitness level, work ethic, and hunger for excellence that far surpassed his peers.

But, things weren’t easy for Gabe after the Marines as the stress from the battle, failed marriages, and mounting responsibilities with kids and work quickly overshadowed his fitness and health goals.

Over the next 15 years, Gabe slowly grew to more than 210 lbs. as his poor eating habits pushed him into Type 2 Diabetes, high blood pressure, and a myriad of other ailments that left him sick, tired, frustrated, and concerned for his future and the example he was setting for his kids.

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The Smart Nutrition Coaching Program

When Gabe and I started working together, he had been strength training consistently but wasn’t making any progress with his weight or health. He was fat, sick, tired, and fed up with mainstream diets that gave him restricted calories, unrealistic ‘meal prep’ plans, lack of support, and didn’t factor in the time and responsibilities that come with having a family and a demanding job. He was working hard, but fighting against his own physiology and confused about the often contradictory nutrition guidelines he was seeing all over the media.

After doing a deeper dive into his lifestyle and eating habits, it was clear that we needed to work SMARTER, not harder. Poor sleep habits, excessive caffeine, inconsistent meal timing, and inadequate protein intake were just some of the areas that we started to strategically address through The Smart Nutrition Coaching Program.

Over the subsequent months, Gabe and I worked together to help him improve his eating habits, manage his blood sugars throughout the day, train the right way for his body type, and change his mindset around health & fitness.

After 6 months, Gabe had lost 40 lbs. of fat, built muscle, transformed his physique, overhauled his nutrition, overcame type 2 diabetes, and was feeling great knowing that he had become the father, husband, and leader that he always knew he could be by investing in himself and his future.

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