Joey Szolowicz, certified nutrition coach at Body Systems

Joey Szolowicz

Body Systems Certified Nutrition Coach

Joey is a certified nutrition coach who spends his days helping others live their healthiest lives, but this wasn’t always the case. Joey spent years as an entrepreneur working 16 hour days. This came at the cost of his health, wellness, and many of his relationships.

After years of this grind, Joey found himself 65+ pounds overweight, unhealthy, and unsatisfied with his life. So, he decided to make a change.

He signed up for personal training at a local boxing gym in hopes of getting in shape and losing a few pounds. He was unaware of the transformative journey that lay ahead. As a veteran martial artist of over 20 years, Joey fell right into stride in the boxing world. He quickly became sparring partners with the competitive athletes at the gym, sparring with undefeated competitive fighters regularly.

As Joey got the opportunity to work out and talk with competitive fighters and coaches across the boxing, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and MMA world, he started to see that the success of these athletes was the result of far more than just hours in the gym.

Joey Szolowicz in 2012 and 2022
Joey Szolowicz, certified nutrition coach at Body Systems

Nutrition is a significant part of a healthy lifestyle.

He saw that nutrition, recovery, and wellness protocols were engineered into their lifestyles. He realized that in order to achieve peak performance, your lifestyle has to match inside and outside the gym.

Knowing how intimidating the gym environment could be but how effective these lifestyle choices were for fat loss, Joey wanted to find a way to bring this knowledge to more than just the athletes in the gym.

Nutrition coaching with Joey Szolowicz

Realizing that good lifestyle and nutritional choices could hugely benefit more than just athletes, Joey decided to pursue a nutrition coaching certification through Precision Nutrition. This certification wasn’t just about the science behind good nutrition, but also about how to develop the skills to integrate good habits into your life, long term.

Joey had previously completed his bachelor’s degree in biology pre-health. With the hard science that comes with a university bachelor’s degree in biology and the coaching and mindset skills that came from the Precision Nutrition Level 1 & 2 Master Level certification, Joey became well equipped to help guide individuals at all stages of wellness through their nutrition journey. He recognizes that the goal is not only to lose weight and put on lean muscle, but to develop the skills to maintain your newly lean physique for years to come after the coaching process is complete.

So, let Joey coach you today as he takes you into the kitchen to talk all about how to keep good nutrition simple for your lifestyle.

Joey Szolowicz, certified nutrition coach at Body Systems

Fun Facts about Joey Szolowicz


He lives in Azores, Portugal. (Since 2020)


He is a husband and father to 2 beautiful girls.


He earned a Biology degree from Northern Arizona University in 2005 and a MBA from Colorado State University in 2014.


He has a 3rd degree black belt in Nin Sho Rye Karate.


He took up boxing in 2015 as an outlet for stress and ended up becoming a sparring partner with multiple professional fighters.


He has a lot of farm animals.


He runs a small vacation rental business on his home island of Sao Miguel because he believes everyone deserves to experience the holistic healing powers of the island.

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