Kristina Brown, BSL owner and head of business development

Kristina Brown

BSL Owner & Head of Business Development

In July of 2020, Kristina made the hardest decision of her life. She walked away from a job she loved so that she could be present for her family. Naturally, it was the best decision she ever could have made. But, it almost didn’t happen.

You see, if you know Kristina, then you probably know a couple things about her:

  1. She prides herself on working hard and will always do what it take to get the job done.
  2. Her energy is contagious and she is a super outgoing person.
  3. She is unbelievably creative.
  4. She naturally creates experiences that build lasting memories.
  5. Kristina is a leader and always finds a way to make an impact.

Needless to say, these attributes have led to some fantastic job opportunities over her career. These opportunities have allowed Kristina to travel, work with brilliant minds and fantastic teams in high end business operations, and learn to appreciate the complexity that comes with working and having a family. And, she’d be lying if she didn’t say that finding a “balance” between work and family, especially when you love what you do, is quite the juggling act.

Kristina Brown with her husband and kids
Fun photos with Ben and Kristina

In fact, over these past few years, Kristina put so much into her work that the other aspects of her life were deteriorating … friendships, being present for her kids and husband, and completely neglecting her own health and fitness.

She had gained weight, felt terrible, ate mindlessly to cope with stress, and disliked what she saw in the mirror. Despite the fact that her husband begged her for years to come work with him in his nutrition coaching business, she felt like she desperately needed the attention and appraisal that she received from being in the spotlight of every job she ever had.

Kristina Brown: From Career Woman to Mom and Body Systems Business Development

Any career driven mom knows the difficulties of having to choose between work and family, and frankly, she was tired of it. And so, Kristina took a huge risk and left …and hasn’t looked back since.

Kristina figured if she’s going to be obsessed with work, then she might as well do it on her own terms, around the people she loves, and work to grow a family business that can make so much impact. Kristina’s husband Ben has a saying that he uses a lot: “Energy flows where attention goes.”

Once Kristina started putting attention into her family, their business, and most importantly into herself, things shifted so dramatically that she’s kicking herself for not going all-in sooner.

So, over a year removed from corporate America …

Kristina is down 30 lbs. of body fat, progressing towards getting stronger, working side-by-side with her husband Ben to grow Body Systems, and despite often feeling like a glorified chauffeur after school hours, loves being around more for her kids.

Fun photos with Ben and Kristina

Learning How to Be Responsible For Her Own Health

We are responsible for our health, we are responsible for our happiness, and we have the power to choose what we put our energy into. But, until we commit to our own health and wellbeing, we can’t possibly give everyone else what they need.

For someone like Kristina, who always gave everything to everyone else, this has been the hardest but most valuable lesson she’s learned since turning 40.

Kristina is excited because her kids see her showing up for herself, leading by example, and it makes her proud that they’ll feel empowered to do the same.

Fun Facts About Kristina Brown


She is a 6-foot California girl.


She got a full-ride Volleyball scholarship and graduated from Cal Poly.


Kristina met her husband in Las Vegas on the dance floor.

(Ben Brown seduced me with his dance moves!) 😊


She has been happily married to Ben Brown for 15 years and loves working together to build a healthier life for themselves, their 3 children, client and community.


She loves to hike.


Honestly, will own a minivan FOREVER!

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