182_The Importance of Strength Training for Fat Loss with Body Systems Coach Dr. Dan Dodd

by | Mar 7, 2023

One of the first tools that we tend to gravitate towards when we’ve committed to a weight loss program is some sort of cardiovascular exercise, like jogging, peloton, boot camp classes, and/or some sort of circuit-style training.

Many of us have this perception that if our heart rates are elevated, if we’re sweating, and we’re out of breath, then we’re burning more calories and therefore, burning more fat.

Unfortunately that’s simply not the case. Indeed, we may be burning more calories during that specific bout of exercise, but of more significance is how our body actually responds to the increase in calorie expenditure.

In today’s Smart Nutrition Made Simple podcast, my buddy and Body Systems Coach Dr. Dan Dodd and I thought it would be helpful to talk about the science behind why these types of cardio-intensive exercise routines are actually preventing us from losing weight, and why it’s so important to shift our focus away from these types of workouts to progressive strength training.

In this conversation, we chat about the scientific research behind strength training, the importance of muscle mass for fat loss, longevity, and long-term health, the concepts of progressive overload and minimal effective dose when it comes to achieving weight loss and physique change, the misconceptions people have around strength training, and more. It’s definitely a podcast you won’t want to miss.

Dr. Dan is a wealth of knowledge and a fantastic resource for our Body Systems team.

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