The Most Important Ingredient for Success

by | Jul 24, 2023

There’s one single ingredient that is required if you want to optimize your results and achieve your body composition goals.

It’s probably not what you think. In fact, if you had asked me this question many years ago, I probably would’ve said something along the lines of, clean eating and 100% compliance.

That was actually the path that I followed for a while but it led me to overindulge every single weekend, only to start the process all over again on Monday.

Part of my philosophy was rooted in research. The importance of education was imposed onto me from a very young age. Having a father who’s a lawyer with a Ph.D. and Law degree and a mother who’s a teacher with a master’s degree, meant that I had some pretty big shoes to fill.

My second master’s degree in Clinical Nutrition was partially for me and partially to seek approval from my father.

I found myself stuck in pretty dogmatic thinking about nutrition. I enjoyed following science-based principles but I would often take them too far. I think my own personal struggle with nutrition was the real catalyst I needed to adopt a more effective approach.

Research is great. I still stay up to date on the latest nutritional studies and continue to educate myself, my team, and our clients. However, I quickly learned through my own experience and through coaching clients that humans don’t live in a lab.

We aren’t in a controlled environment where everything is accounted for and carefully measured. Real life is dynamic and ever-evolving.

So when I developed our Pure Science, Proven Results methodology it was rooted in one thing…

The science of YOU.

Meaning, we need to make informed decisions based on our own subjective and objective data.

The science of you begins with a discovery and calibration phase. It’s difficult to reach your desired destination if we don’t have a clear picture of where we’re starting. Many programs will just throw you into a plan without careful consideration for how that plan will work for you.

We don’t like to play guessing games. We like to make informed decisions that we know will move you forward. So we begin by gathering data around your nutrition, lifestyle, and metabolism.

From there, we can come up with our plan of attack. Because it’s rooted in the science of you, it doesn’t take long to see and feel a significant difference. You’ll feel it mentally and physically.

The second phase is what we call Metabolic Restoration. Simply put, this is the foundation for long-term success. We support your metabolism by helping you eat the right foods in the right amounts along with a realistic exercise plan that is all tailored to you.

In fact, there really are no black-and-white rules or right vs wrong ways of doing things. It’s a matter of what is right and most beneficial for you, as an individual.

This phase is what allows our clients to experience such transformational changes in body composition and see physical results that they never imagined were possible. If you ever feel like nothing works for you, I can tell you that you’ve never tried this before.

The Metabolic Restoration phase is what sets up the Fat Loss Acceleration process that allows you to see the hard work paying off in a major way. Your metabolism is in a great position so dropping body fat and getting leaner becomes significantly easier.

Finally, we implement what we call Lifestyle Integration. It doesn’t do anyone much good to see results if you can’t sustain them. That’s what I learned the hard way through my own nutritional journey. Which is why this is such a meaningful piece of the puzzle for myself and our clients.

We leverage Nutritional Seasons to create a comprehensive long-term approach that allows you to make progress through the various changes in your life and schedule. That means you can still make progress during busy seasons at work. It means you can still make progress while showing up for your family.

We want you to keep your results for life so that’s why the final phase is so imperative to your long-term success.

Lots of coaches out there talk about being evidence-based or science-based. Which is all well and good. In fact, I’m a data nerd through and through.

However, I quickly learned that the most effective science-based approach is rooted in the science of you.

If you have any questions about how to make this process work for you and your goals, just shoot me a message and let me know.

Your Coach,


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