Overcoming Entropy: How Accountability and Coaching Propel Us Beyond ‘Good Enough’

by | Dec 18, 2023

Humans are not meant to thrive on their own.

We need attention, community, support, and accountability.

It’s called The Law of Entropy – All things trend toward disorder. When left unchecked, disorder increases over time.

We see entropy in many different ways…

    • Over time beautiful new buildings degrade and brickwork cracks.
    • Teeth that aren’t brushed/flossed decay.
    • Muscles that aren’t stimulated and stretched, weaken, tighten, and shrink.

Most people struggle in life because they have a self-imposed thermostatic “set point” that they perceive to be good enough, and then they stop.

I’ve personally experienced this many times in my life; with academics, with sports, with physique changes, with business and financial goals, and certainly with parenting…

We get comfortable with “good enough” and stop trying so hard, only to fall back into old patterns.

Our nutrition and fitness goals are perfect examples of this:

We follow the diet, see some weight loss, and stop.

We start exercising and feeling better, yet somehow fall back into our old behaviors and stop.

This is the yo-yo cycle of our lives…called entropy.

The reality is that humans left to their own devices, don’t achieve remarkable results.

I don’t know any high-level athletes or successful businessmen/women who got to the top by themselves.

Do you?

We need accountability, guidance, and support.

Which is exactly why coaching can be so powerful.

Coaching helps create structure and order in a chaotic and disordered world…

And it’s exactly what separates average from extraordinary.

Successful people figure out what they want and why they want it. Then, they ask “WHO can help me get there”, not “HOW can I do this on my own?”.

Because money is cheap but time is expensive…

And we’re all subject to entropy.

We’re either improving or declining. There is no constant.

So let me ask, WHO is helping you fight against the internal monologue that says things are “good enough”?

Sometimes the hardest thing to acknowledge is that we deserve and are capable of more…

And often the biggest obstacle to accomplishing more is simply asking for help.

So if you’re feeling stuck, stagnant, and frustrated, and perhaps you’ve had success in the past, but are caught in a downturn at the moment, then just know that you can change the momentum.

If you need help creating that shift, then just let me know.

I got your back.

Your Coach,


Profile Image Benjamin Brown
Founder / Head coach
Body Systems

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