Why Least Mode NOT Beast Mode is the Key to Long-term Health with Luke Leaman

by | Dec 7, 2017

Whether you’re a personal trainer, coach, health professional or you’re looking to hire a personal trainer, this podcast with Luke Leaman will be incredibly beneficial for you.


Luke is highly respected in the strength and conditioning field. He is the co-founder of Muscle Nerds, an online and personal training development business. Muscle Nerds helps teach coaches, trainers and health professionals the critical thinking skills and tools they need to implement with their clients to get long-term, effective results.


The goal of Muscle Nerds is to attract like-minded coaches who truly care about their clients. Luke prides himself on spreading the knowledge that every client should be treated as an individual.


The art of coaching is not to fit clients into the box you think they should fit it. It’s to fit your training and customize it.  That’s why we call it personal training. You want to personalize the training around what that client can actually do and then you also want to fit it around certain types of metrics that go above and beyond what they look like.”


Additionally, Luke is an experienced powerlifter and a former lead instructor for Poloquin Group.


During this podcast, we chop it up about stress management, dogmatic beliefs in the fitness industry, his unique blend of both strength training and aerobics and his current perspective of what it takes to be a good fitness coach.


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We Also Discuss


– The main drivers behind why people are getting fat, sick and fatigued [[3:29]]


– How the fitness industry is focused too much on $$$ and the need to train the trainer [[6:32]]


– A surprising connection between stress and nighttime bathroom breaks [[10:44]]


– Heart rate variability and the best ways to manage stress [[16:15]]


– Luke’s unique way of combining cardio and heavy training for long-term results [[21:12]]


– The Least Mode philosophy and a sample plan for achieving success [[25:37]]


– Why it’s critically important to eat instinctively and allow yourself to feel hungry [[30:40]]


– The movie that spurred Luke’s interest in health and fitness [[36:55]]


– Qualities people should look for when hiring a personal trainer[[42:17]]


– Luke’s favorite health apps of all time [[45:12]]


– The idea of the “coffee nap” and the importance of afternoon siestas [[51:22]]


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