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What is the 6-Month
Coaching Giveaway?

One of the ways we enjoy giving back to our community

6-months of FREE coaching 1:1 with an expert in nutrition and fitness

Join a community of peers looking to get in their best shape in 2023

Receive daily accountability and guidance around your nutrition and fitness

Daily workouts and nutrition support to help you shred fat, double your energy, and set the stage for long-term success

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Make 2023 your best year yet for your fitness & nutrition goals!

Here’s What Your Coaching Includes

When You Win the 6-Month Giveaway

1:1 Coaching for
6-months with our expert coaches

All the nutrition, fitness, lifestyle tools and support you need to get in the best shape of your life!

This coaching program will teach you:

Calorie Awareness

How to manage your calorie intake so that you can eat what you want without feeling like you need to starve yourself to get results.

Our clients are relieved to learn that restricting entire food groups if often the reason why “dieting” is NOT a long-term solution.

Metabolic Restoration

How to eat more real food in order to support your metabolism so that your body can burn fat more efficiently.

When you can eat more of the right foods for your body, you have more energy, stay satisfied between meals, and are more likely to adhere to the plan.

Fat Loss Acceleration

How to build out meals that will support muscle definition and fat loss so that you can change your body shape to be lean and strong.

The amount of macronutrients you consume is the most important factor in changing your body composition.

Individualized Strength Training

How to implement a structured and individualized strength training plan that allows you to burn body fat and build muscle mass as you progress from one phase to the next.

You will build a bigger metabolic engine through science-based and progressive strength training.

Become your Own Best Nutrition Detective

Why weekly “Biofeedback” related to your sleep, stress, hunger, energy, and digestion are paramount to helping you get healthier while also getting leaner.

Your calorie intake is only as good as your hormonal balance. We use both to find the right fat loss formula for you.

Lifestyle Integration

How to create flexibility and freedom within your life so that you can enjoy the foods that you love, and even alcohol, while still getting great results.

The secret to long-term success is to know how to create structure while also keeping things realistic.

Apply to WIN the 6-Month Coaching Giveaway

Make 2023 your best year yet for your fitness & nutrition goals!

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this giveaway for?

This Giveaway is for Men & Women who:

  • Want to lose body fat and improve their physique
  • Want to build lean muscle tissue without killing their joints in the process
  • Want a more predictable and systematic way of losing weight
  • Want to learn to be efficient with their time so they can stop spinning their wheels
  • Want to create life-long results and are willing to grow into the person they need to become to make that happen

Who is it NOT for?

This Giveaway NOT for you if:

  • You’re NOT serious about changing your lifestyle and putting in the work necessary to get there
  • You want in person 1-1 personal training or coaching – we only do virtual
  • You’re NOT obsessed with growing, getting better, and being challenged
  • You have zero interest in building long-term healthy nutrition and exercise behaviors that your kids will mirror
  • You think you’re not worth investing in yourself and prioritize everyone else in your life instead
  • You’re just looking to drop a few pounds before your next event (and are fine gaining it back afterwards).

Meet the Team

Ben Brown head nutrition coach

Ben Brown

CEO & Head Coach

Joey Szolowicz, certified nutrition coach at Body Systems

Joey Szolowicz


Ben Brown head nutrition coach

Dr. Dan Dodd


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