5 Steps to Looking Your Best (In Your 40s and Beyond)

by | Jul 4, 2023

I recently did a photoshoot for my 44th birthday to show that it’s never too late to get into great shape.

Looking and feeling the way that you want does not have to include starvation diets and hours of cardio each day.

In fact, the process was pretty simple and straightforward.

Yes, of course, it took work. But not the kind of work that most people think of when they try to get leaner.

Here are 5 principles that I followed (that you can implement for yourself to get results in your 40s and beyond):

1. Progress, not perfection – with 3 kids, a business, and a ton of responsibility, I know the challenges present when trying to train and eat as consistently as possible.

There were plenty of challenges, including work stress, crazy schedule, and a herniated disc in my back. For over 3 weeks I could barely train…and as discouraging as that was, I just tried to focus on the things I could control.

Movement, sleep, nutrition, and knowing that these are the very same challenges our clients experience. There are some foundational pieces that I kept intact, regardless of what roadblocks stood in the way.

I like to consider the habits and pillars that I can execute, even on my worst day. We implement that very same concept for our clients to simplify the process for them.

2. Calories ceiling and protein minimum – Instead of worrying about hitting my macros on the nose every day, I simply made sure my planning and preparation allowed me to get enough lean protein sources without going over my calorie goals. That also gave me some wiggle room to have what I wanted (within reason) without feeling guilty or derailing me physically or psychologically.

Your nutrition plan does not have to feel restrictive. In fact, if it does feel that way there’s a high probability that you won’t stick with it long enough to see the results you desire. Once again, we love to work smarter, not harder with our clients and I took the same approach for myself.

3. Knowing why it mattered – Just showing up every day and acknowledging why this was important to me was a huge driver to stay consistent. There were too many days to count that I wanted to throw in the towel and asked myself “Why am I even doing this?”…

I also would tell myself “I’m lean enough”…” No one cares if you’re even leaner”…but at the end of the day, I cared, because it’s a goal I set for myself, a challenge that has forced me to learn and grow, and as someone who coaches others to get lean, who would I be if I didn’t infinitely understand the challenges and nuances that come with the dieting process.

Remember why you’re doing this in the first place. Successful clients have a stronger internal drive to pursue their goals and a deep connection with the person they want to become through the process.

4. Getting comfortable being uncomfortable – Learning to embrace hunger is perhaps one of the most challenging yet beneficial aspects of the dieting process.

And the harsh reality is that if you want to get lean…like really lean, you’re going to be hungry, a lot. Most people don’t want to acknowledge that and cave when things get hard.

Too many times I found myself snacking on my kids’ leftovers, caving in to the deserts around the house, or making excuses to push calories beyond my goal numbers. And while I still feel like I did well, I know I could have done better.

We teach clients to sit with uncomfortable feelings before acting on them. It’s such a valuable lesson to sit and observe and watch as those feelings fade away.

You can do difficult things.

5. Having a strong social support system – It’s pivotal to surround yourself with people that not only support you but know how to support you…and it’s on you to tell them what that looks like.

My wife is great about helping me make good food and exercise choices because she also values her health and fitness. That means less opportunities to have to exert self-control around junk food in the house or situations where I need to exude willpower. And I often see the lack of social support as many people’s biggest limiting factor to their success.

Support isn’t just the people that you surround yourself with, although that’s a piece of it, it’s also your environment, what you consume on social media, and having accountability through a coach or community.

We pride ourselves on being that support system for our clients. We help them cultivate their environment in a way that’s more conducive to achieving their goals. It’s one of the strongest predictors of success.

Ultimately, you have total control over the results you desire. I know that sometimes it can feel like a steep mountain to climb, but isn’t that the case for anything worth having?

If you know why it’s important to you and you have the right system in place, it’s absolutely well within your reach.

In fact, it’s probably not as complicated as it seems in your mind.

If you ever need some help simplifying the process for yourself so you can look and feel your best without feeling restricted and frustrated, just reach out.

We’re always here to help.

Your Coach,



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