246_How to Change Your Identity with Amber Brueseke of Biceps After Babies

by | Jun 4, 2024

What happens when you have your fitness game dialed in but aren’t seeing the changes you were hoping for?

What if you feel like you’re eating healthy but still stagnant with your physique and weight loss goals?

What type of training and dieting strategies actually work for long-term success?

In today’s episode, I catch up with Amber Brueseke, a wife, mom of four (ages 10-17), and a former RN who founded Biceps After Babies because she believes that being a mom doesn’t have to mean your fittest days are behind you.

What started as a little Instagram account to share her fitness journey online has become a business focused on empowering women to achieve. Her signature coaching program MACROS 101 has helped over 8,000 women use the tool of macro counting to build a nutrition plan that’s both effective and enjoyable.

Amber has a distinct talent for pinpointing the underlying obstacles preventing clients from reaching their goals. She has taught her unique coaching methodology to over 150 coaches in her Transformational Macro Coach Certification.

In today’s conversation, we discuss:

Her journey from Nurse and busy mom to nutrition coach and business owner.

We talk about how learning how to track macros was the pivotal lever in her body composition changes and how she’s been able to build a business around helping other women and mothers do the same.

Amber and I dig deep into mindset, pre-existing beliefs, and identity change as the most fundamental components of true growth and transformation

How we can leverage accountability, externally and internally to create autonomy and long-term success.

Lastly, we share the power that comes from modeling healthy nutrition and exercise for our kids and the responsibility present for every parent to do the same.

If you’re desiring personal growth, ready to make change, and looking for the tools to become the type of person that is lean, healthy, and strong for your family and your future, then this episode is for you.

I loved this conversation and am confident you will too, so without further ado, here’s Amber Brueseke.

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Connect with Amber:

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/biceps.after.babies/

Grab her FREE macro guide: https://bicepsafterbabies.lpages.co/setting-your-macros-option-d/

Work with Amber: https://www.bicepsafterbabies.com/


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