227_How to Become a Fit Father for Life with Body Systems Client Jeremiah Havatone

by | Jan 23, 2024

Today on the Smart Nutrition Made Simple Show I’m sharing an open and honest conversation with my soon-to-be former client Jeremiah H. Jeremiah is a single dad with a demanding career who, despite several significant road bumps along the way, still managed to put in the time and energy to focus on his health.

He had a serious motorcycle accident and required shoulder surgery

He’s in the process of going back to school to earn a degree in exercise science

He literally built his father a house from the ground up


When Jeremiah joined our Smart Nutrition Coaching Program he was struggling with his weight, he had developed diabetes, and despite all his attempts at eating “healthy” and exercising, the scale just wouldn’t budge. Two years later Jeremiah is down 35lbs and has put on about 15lbs of muscle. But more important than the weight, he has changed his mindset around what it means to be healthy.


This is a bittersweet conversation for me because I’m sad to lose Jeremiah as a client, but I’m excited for him to continue on in our community. And I look forward to all the amazing things I know he can accomplish down the road.


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