166_How to Build an Olympian Mindset Around Nutrition and Fitness with Jake Herbert

by | Oct 25, 2022

What does an Olympic wrestler know about life, nutrition, and fitness? Well, In Jake Herbert’s case, quite a lot …as you’ll hear in this awesome conversation.


Jake Herbert is an Olympian, Business Coach, and self-proclaimed ninja.  As a 9X US National Wrestling Champion, 3 X World medalist,  wrestling, hard work, and being learning based has taken him to over 356 different countries, competing, meeting, and working with rock stars, celebrities, billionaires, and presidents.   


After Jake retired from competitive wrestling and moved his wrestling mat to the business world,  he has helped to launch and create 5 different businesses since 2014 as well as coach and consult leaders around the world and their teams.   


Jake is happily married to his wife Janelle and together they have 3 amazing children!  Currently Jake dove into the Dad’s Edge Master where he and his team help dads create extraordinary marriages and epic connections with their kids while continuing to scale their business. 


Jake’s mission is to challenge your beliefs, inspire you to take action, and work with you to bring out the best in you, for your family, community, and most importantly yourself.


In this conversation Jake and I break down:


> How to prioritize your time based on your values

> The value of coaching, accountability, and establishing awareness

> The difference between willpower and environment and how your daily decisions are actually serving you

> How to leverage an athlete mindset to set yourself up for success


As you’ll hear, Jake and I are speaking the same language in so many aspects of life, health, and personal growth.


Let’s go ahead and jump into my conversation with Jake – I hope you guys enjoy


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