You Can Have It All, No Guilt Necessary

by | Oct 11, 2023

My 8-year-old son can leg press 220 lbs.

I know this because he insisted on joining me for my workout yesterday, even in a crowded gym, despite the disapproving looks from patrons and staff.

Sure, I’m glad to spend time with him, especially promoting fitness, but I was looking forward to the 45-minute session for myself.

I’m not proud of it, but after 10 minutes of floundering through machines, I bribed him to run a mile, after which he could use my phone.

If you’re anything like me, your job is all about serving others.

And if you have a family, I’m betting you spend a lot of time caring for them, too.

That kind of relentless dedication has its own set of challenges.

Do you ever feel a pang of guilt when you take some time for yourself?

Even when that time could significantly improve your health and fitness and benefit those around you, you still hesitate, fearing you’re being self-centered.

That guilt may weigh even heavier if you’re a hard-charging parent and business owner.

We get it. We have three kids under 14 and a demanding business ourselves.

But here’s something to consider…

Improving your health shouldn’t require sacrificing your family time or business success.

That’s the whole philosophy behind our Smart Nutrition Coaching Program.

Our clients often tell us it feels like they can “have it all.”


Because we make it simple.

When you work with us, we eliminate the guesswork for you.

You’ll know exactly what steps to take to reach your body composition and health goals without compromising the other important areas of your life.

Sounds intriguing?

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