Winners Don’t Wait

by | Jul 31, 2023

Winners don’t wait for success to find them… 


They go out and create it for themselves.


Recently my family and I wrapped up a two-week stay on Kauai, I’m grateful for the opportunity to spend quality time together in one of the world’s most beautiful places.


And while many will say how “lucky” we are to be able to travel, work remotely, afford this and that, I’ll politely push back and say that every bit of this “opportunity” was earned…


You see, years ago, I made a promise to my wife that we’d rent a beach house in Kauai.


I didn’t know how, or exactly when, but I knew what I wanted and with that vision, have worked tirelessly towards that goal, among others, both small and large.


I’ve worked with and been surrounded by enough high-level performers and entrepreneurs to know that when they want something, they figure out how to make it happen…


And often it’s as simple as just starting with a vision.


A vision for your health, for your wealth, for your relationships, for your family, for your future…


Whatever it is, it’s yours for the taking. You just have to decide to act, aggressively, relentlessly, unapologetically, and consistently enough to make it unreasonable for that vision to not turn into a reality.


So what’s your vision? 


If you know you’ve got a winner’s mindset, and you’re ready to go out and win the day, every day, but you’re just not sure how, especially when it comes to your physique, then let me know


I can definitely help.


Your coach




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