Sowing, Growing, and Reaping: Applying Farming Wisdom to Your Fitness Journey

by | Dec 4, 2023

The farmer understands that there are seasons.


There’s one to plant the seeds….one to plow and tend to the fields…and one to reap the harvest.


Can you imagine what most of us would be like as a farmer?


It’d be hilarious.


Hey, what’s going on? I planted this yesterday; why isn’t it growing yet?


That’s the overall impression I get from a lot of people who are working towards weight loss/health goals.


Now, I’m not saying that’s you, but let’s be honest…we all want immediate results, right?


Well, the truth is that that can very much happen in our Smart Nutrition Coaching Program if you’ve got everything dialed in from day one…


But the more likely scenario is that it’s going to take several weeks to a few months to really start to see some progress…


and maybe even more depending on the field conditions, the weather, your harvesting equipment…you get the idea 😉


Does a farmer give up when he has a bad season with little yield?


Nope. He and his family would starve (and go broke).


He gets right back out there to create a better future.


The good news for you is that you don’t have to work through grueling hours and manual labor to make your dreams come true. You don’t have to wait another year for a better harvest.


But you do have to do the work.


You’re most likely in a season of your life where you DO have to put in more sweat equity.


You’ve got to change your exercise habits, and eating behaviors, and learn how to plan, prepare, and prioritize your time effectively.


This is you tending to your crops and nurturing the soil for the strong years ahead.


The more you do this, the greater your harvest will be.


Plow on farmer 🙂


Your Coach,




Benjamin Brown
Owner / Head coach
Body Systems

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